Work Central: Explained

With such an expansive product suite with many capabilities, we often find it hard to explain just what each module does!

With such an expansive product suite with many capabilities, we often find it hard to explain just what each module does! That’s why we’re putting together a series of articles giving an overview on each module, our favourite features of those modules and why the module might be right for your business. So let’s dive right into Work Central!


Work Central is the home of all your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), policies, best practices, etc. The module is the most dynamic of its kind, with our Single Point of Truth (SPOT) system syncing up your message wherever it lives (news blasts, announcements, operations manuals, training programs, etc.). All of your content is searchable and accessible from any device at any time.  

But Work Central isn’t just practical, it's engaging too. With our rich media content capabilities, you can make all of your manuals, policies, procedures and instructional content beautiful and captivating. 

Features we love!

There are a number of awesome features that should be on this list, but we do have a word limit to adhere to! So here are our team and our clients favourite features:

  • Verification options: set verification requirements at the touch of a button. You can set the confirmation as a simple sign off to state a user has read and understood the content, or you can attach a quiz for a greater level of verification.  
  • Required reading: If a policy is particularly important, set it as required reading. You can split up who it is required for by their role if you have information that needs to be read by a manager, but not a team member, for example. 
  • Set recurring reminders: If you have decided to set a policy or procedure as required reading, reminders will be sent out to all users the content is marked as required. By default, the reminder frequency is set at 7 days, but you can customise it to remind users any number of days or hours, it's up to you!
  • Auto updates everywhere: When you update your content, it is automatically updated everywhere your content lives, ensuring consistency across the board.
  • Policy compliance reporting: By setting verification options, you will automatically be given reporting on policy compliance so you can see in real-time who has completed the verification and which of your sites are performing best in terms of compliance.

Why is this module right for you?

If you have more than one location, then you really need somewhere for your policies, SOP’s and manuals to live. We find that many of our clients formerly had all their most important policies and procedures in Word documents or sitting in Google Drive. While both are amazing programs, neither can assure consistency, compliance or understanding. If that’s where all your manuals, policies and procedures live currently, you’ll be doing a lot of chasing to make sure people have read it, sending a lot of emails when content has been updated and fielding questions about where to find something. With Work Central, you don’t need to worry about all that stuff, the system does it all for you with our modern and inexpensive software.  

We know that a major concern for most of our clients is risk management, and there are a number of risks businesses face each and every day. Employee and customer safety risks, risk of brand damage, financial risks and so much more. With Work Central, you can be confident that everyone in your team is on the same page and understands all of your SOP’s, policies, best-practices and instructional content. 

So that was a quick look at one of our most beloved modules; Work Central. Stay tuned for the next module in this series (hint: we’re going to be focusing on learning next time). If you’re interested in Work Central and would like to hear more, schedule a live demo with one of our amazing product specialists today!

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