Intuitive, User-Friendly Real Estate Training & Compliance Software

Avoid the constant headaches that come with ensuring your agency’s real estate agents are properly trained and compliant with industry regulations. Equip your agency with the tools you need to grow your real estate business with full control and compliance.

Ideagen Op Central’s cutting-edge training and compliance software is the solution you've been searching for. Designed specifically for real estate agencies, our software streamlines the training and compliance process for your agents, freeing up your time and resources to focus on what really matters - growing your business.

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Training and certification with a difference

Using Ideagen Op Central's enterprise LMS (Learning Management System), also known as Learn Central, real estate businesses can deliver the important training that keeps their business growing and compliant. Common topics of training delivery include sales techniques, industry code of conduct and compliance, and other industry specific best-practices.

Meticulous consistency with automatic policy notifications

Every business operating in Australia needs to be nimble enough to update its standard operating procedures quickly. Between a global pandemic, senate enquiry into franchising, royal commission into lending and dozens more drivers of regulatory changes; the need to adapt quickly has never been more evident.

Ideagen Op Central’s real estate agent software automatically notifies all relevant staff when “required reading” policies are updated, and guides them through a mobile-based sign-off process which can include quiz questions to verify understanding.

Gain real insights with a franchisee relationship manager

Managing a large network of busy franchisees can be difficult at the best of times - couple that with the highly sales-focused nature of the real estate industry, and suddenly it becomes almost impossible to do so in an organised way. Ideagen Op Central’s state-of-the-art software for real estate agents helps you to stay organised whilst supporting franchisees and keeping the support office head-count light and lean.

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By investing in Ideagen Op Central’s innovative real estate management software, you can revolutionise the way your agency’s internal operations function – for the better. We create tailored management software solutions for retailers, franchises, enterprises and countless organisations in other industries. Schedule your live demo today.

"We use Ideagen Op Central to share all of the information and resources that our franchisees need to operate their businesses to the highest standards in our industry."


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