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Building and managing an enterprise business doesn't have to be a Herculean task. Ideagen Op Central equips you with the enterprise management software you need to effortlessly manage safety, compliance, people, culture, and operations across all your locations. This allows you to focus on the bigger picture – orchestrating your enterprise management system for optimal performance. Invest in industry-leading enterprise performance management and asset management today to optimise all your organisation’s resources and information.

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  • BabyBunting
  • Cottonon
  • Bevilles
  • Officechoice
  • Bounce

Engaging onboarding programs with our Enterprise Service Management

As an enterprise business, you are practically always on a hiring spree – this makes engaging onboarding programs, easy to create, a pivotal necessity. With Ideagen Op Central’s intuitive enterprise service management software, you can effortlessly create personalised onboarding programs tailored specifically to roles and individuals. Our system supports various activity types, facilitating an effective start for every new team member.

Achieve sustainable and predictable growth with our Enterprise Resource Management

Growth is a key business objective, but achieving it in a controlled manner is vital to the overall mission and sustainability of the business. Your policies and procedures define your team’s work ethos and business operations. By creating standard operating procedures in our enterprise resource management system – designed specifically for maintaining compliance – your organisation can steadily grow.

Safety and compliance management

With our enterprise asset management software, managing safety and compliance across a large multisite business doesn’t have to be challenging. Create smart weighted audits to assess each location’s compliance with internal and external standards and ensure quality is maintained across the board.

Your team, their say

Give your team a voice with Ideagen Op Central’s enterprise service management system. Regular staff engagement and culture surveys offer a platform for employees to express their views. Our enterprise asset management software automatically pulls survey results into real-time reports, giving you insights into your team’s sentiments and enabling appropriate actions.

Invest in state-of-the-art Enterprise Information Management Software for your organisation

At Ideagen Op Central, we acknowledge the significance of informed and strategic decision-making in driving business growth. That’s why we offer enterprise performance management software, designed to empower your organisation with a holistic view of your business’s financial and operational performance. Our enterprise information management system allows you to make data-driven decisions that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and bolster revenue growth.

The benefits of investing in Enterprise Asset Management Software

1.    Improved Planning & Forecasting 

With our enterprise asset management software, you can harness accurate data to generate realistic forecasts and make informed decisions.


2.    Better Budgeting & Resource Allocation 

Our enterprise resource management system optimises your budget and resources by providing real-time performance data, helping you identify cost-saving opportunities and make smart resource allocation decisions.


3.    Increased Accountability & Transparency 

Ideagen Op Central’s enterprise management software offers visibility into all aspects of your organisation’s performance, promoting accountability and shared goal alignment.


4.    Enhanced Reporting & Analysis 

Access the tools your organisation needs for customised reporting and in-depth performance analysis with our enterprise information management system.


5.    Increased Agility & Adaptability 

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, our enterprise service management system empowers you to swiftly adjust plans and strategies based on market fluctuations, keeping you ahead of the competition.

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Discover how Ideagen Op Central’s enterprise management system can centralise your operation and grow your enterprise with a personalised product walkthrough. Catering to a variety of sectors such as retail, sports and fitness, real estate and more; don’t hesitate to schedule a live demo today.

"Ideagen Op Central's system helps us to support our franchisees in an efficient and scalable manner. I recommend it to any business looking to team up with a smart and proven system that delivers results across multi-unit operations."


Darren Lane


"Ideagen Op Central is fantastic for all of our manuals, systems, processes and auditing. It's got everything that our studios need to run and operate a successful business. Ideagen Op Central saves us substantial time - allowing us to focus on growing the business."


Aaron Smith


"We’ve been able to use Ideagen Op Central to drive consistent adherence with our detailed operational procedures. I’m comfortable recommending Ideagen Op Central to anyone that wants to scale their business with consistency of operations."


Simon McNamara


"We use Ideagen Op Central to share all of the information and resources that our franchisees need to operate their businesses to the highest standards in our industry."


Mike McCarthy


"The product is easy to use and very powerful from the perspective of driving operational consistency across our franchise network. We are always striving to better support our franchisees in any way we can, and Ideagen Op Central helps us to do that."


Ben Fletcher


"The whole self-auditing process only takes a few minutes and it allows us to maintain the highest standards in cake presentation, covid-safe practices and anything else that we need to help our franchisees with."


Ken Roseberry



What is Ideagen Op Central?

Ideagen Op Central is the #1 all-in-one compliance management platform that centralises and transforms your operations. It helps to eliminate human error and improve efficiencies across your entire network.  Find out why multi-site business leaders love Ideagen Op Central.

Who is Ideagen Op Central suitable for?

Multi-site businesses from 5 to 50,000 locations will benefit from Ideagen Op Central, no matter if they are company owned or franchised. Ideagen Op Central has been built specifically with multi-site management in mind and we solve the problems that larger businesses encounter every day.

Why is Ideagen Op Central the best choice for my enterprise business?

With 8 years experience working with some of Australia's most trusted enterprise businesses such as Baby Bunting, The Cotton On Group, Bevilles and more, we know how to deliver the right solution for complex enterprise businesses. Our software has been tailored to manage multiple sites, multiple brands and thousands of employees.

We know implementing software in a large enterprise business can be a huge task, but our dedicated client success team are here to help you make the implementation process seamless, and as easy as possible!

How secure is my data?

Data security is critical to us. Our in-house development team holds ISO:27001 and ISO:9001 certifications ensuring your valuable intellectual property is safe within the secure confines of our cloud infrastructure. More information about our data security management protocols is available upon request.

How does onboarding work?

Our dedicated Australian based Customer Success team will build out a tailored onboarding plan. Our easy implementation plans ensures you and your teams are up and running and launching on time.

I have multi-lingual teams, how does this work?

When you create content in Ideagen Op Central, it is auto-translated into more than 100 languages, ensuring that any staff members can access it at any time regardless of what their preferred language is.

Is there a minimum or maximium number of users?

No. We scale with you. We've started with businesses as small as 5 users, and worked and growth with businesses with thousands of team members stretching across the globe.

Do I need to purchase all the modules?

Absolutely not. Ideagen Op Central is built specifically to solve the problem your business has right at this moment. So if you need to focus just on your operations, or perhaps right now you need to lean into auditing, or maybe it's just training of your teams, we can work with you to ensure you focus on the areas that's right for your business.

My business has multiple brands, is there a way to manage this?

Yes! Ideagen Op Central has a multi-brand feature where you will have one portal and show different branding and materials to users based on which brand they are associated with.

Does Ideagen Op Central work for a single site organisation?

Absolutely. An organisation that has complex layers, and departments is also perfect for Ideagen Op Central solutions. The platform allows consistency across the business which is ultimately what a complex organisation is striving for.

What about customer support?

We don't have an NPS of 100 by chance! We're here to help. Ideagen Op Central has been developed with optimal user experience in mind, and our 5 start Google reviews prove it! It's unlikely that you'll need a hand with anything, but if you do, we have a great Australian based support team on standby ready to lend a hand.