AI Powered SOP Management Software for Business

The first of its kind, AI powered compliance management tool for business. Ideagen Op Central is helping thousands of businesses achieve operational excellence and work smarter, not harder.

AI Powered SOP
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LMS and Compliance Software

When it comes to AI tools for business, Ideagen Op Central offers a complete suite of software to help your organisation and its people work smarter.

Driving Continuous Improvement

Ideagen Op Central's modular suite of software helps to drive continuous improvement across businesses of all sizes.


Policies and Procedures

Create the policies and procedures which drive the way everyone in your business is expected to work.

Training Programs

Deliver this instructional content via training programs and digital SOP manuals.


Collect audits, surveys and other data to measure the performance of your business.

Custom Reports

Use custom reports to visualise data and identify any opportunities for improvement.

AI Powered SOP Management Software Tool for Your Business

Ideagen Op Central's AI updates bring an advanced level of automation and intelligence to our policy content creation systems.


Our innovative AI software tools for business can accurately generate policy content and SOP's in a matter of minutes, rather than weeks or months, whilst considering essential factors such as industry relevant regulation, brand tone, target audience and desired writing style.

Highlight features:

  • Dedicated to diligent security management
  • Generates specific, useful content in a matter of minutes
  • Compliant with relevant geographical industry acts and policies
  • Takes the guesswork out of business policy creation and updates

Global Footprint

Ideagen Op Central is a 100% Australian owned business, used by more than 13,000 businesses in 37 countries.

You're in great company

Ideagen Op Central is the operational hub for thousands of businesses. Big and small across all industries and business types.

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  • Local Support

  • Multilingual

  • Data Security

  • Easy to Use

Local Support

We're here to help

Dedicated local support team in Australia, available Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm for all your urgent enquiries. 


100+ languages on demand

When you create content in Ideagen Op Central, it is auto-translated into more than 100 languages, ensuring that any staff members can access it any time regardless of what their preferred language is.

Data Security

Your data is safe and sound

Your valuable intellectual property is safe within the secure confines of Ideagen Op Central's cloud infrastructure. Our in-house development team holds ISO:27001 and ISO:9001 certifications. More information about our data security management protocols is available upon request.

Easy to Use

Become an expert in no time

Whether you've used enterprise software before or not, Ideagen Op Central will be a delight to work with from day-1. Our team of user experience specialists have optimised every part of the platform to ensure that you don't need any technical experience to get the most out of it.


What is Ideagen Op Central?

Ideagen Op Central is the #1 all-in-one compliance management platform that centralises and transforms your operations. It helps to eliminate human error and improve efficiencies across your entire network.  Find out why multi-site business leaders love Ideagen Op Central.

How does Ideagen Op Central work?

After you sign up for Ideagen Op Central, we help you set up your personally branded Ideagen Op Central portal and roll it out to your network. Depending on the package you choose, you may use Ideagen Op Central for different purposes, however, our expert Customer Success Team can help you make the most out of your Ideagen Op Central portal no matter which package you go with.

What are the different Ideagen Op Central modules?

Ideagen Op Central consists of 5 unique modules that solve different problems. The modules include: Learn Central, Work Central, People Central, Audit Central & Connect Central. If you're interested in hearing more about these product modules, book in a meeting with a product expert today.

Where is the Ideagen Op Central Support Team based?

100% of our Support Team operate out of Melbourne, Australia.

What problems does Ideagen Op Central address?

Ideagen Op Central helps you to take back control over operations and maintain consistency across your multi-site network. Our system helps you:

  • Deliver outstanding personalised training to your staff
  • Maintain compliance with a dynamic operations manuals
  • Recruit and retain staff with advanced people management tools
  • Uphold quality control standards across all of your locations
  • Gain better insights into a locations overall performance

Who is Ideagen Op Central suitable for?

Multi-site businesses from 5 to 50,000 locations will benefit from Ideagen Op Central, no matter if they are company owned or franchised. Ideagen Op Central has been built specifically with multi-site management in mind and we solve the problems that larger businesses encounter every day.

How secure is my data?

Data security is critical to us. Our in-house development team holds ISO:27001 and ISO:9001 certifications ensuring your valuable intellectual property is safe within the secure confines of our cloud infrastructure. More information about our data security management protocols is available upon request.

How does onboarding work?

Our dedicated Australian based Customer Success team will build out a tailored onboarding plan. Our easy implementation plans ensures you and your teams are up and running and launching on time.

I have multi-lingual teams, how does this work?

When you create content in Ideagen Op Central, it is auto-translated into more than 100 languages, ensuring that any staff members can access it at any time regardless of what their preferred language is.

Is there a minimum or maximium number of users?

No. We scale with you. We've started with businesses as small as 5 users, and worked and grown with businesses with thousands of team members stretching across the globe.

Do I need to purchase all the modules?

Absolutely not. Ideagen Op Central is built specifically to solve the problem your business has right at this moment. So if you need to focus just on your operations, or perhaps right now you need to lean into auditing, or maybe it's just training of your teams, we can work with you to ensure you focus on the areas that's right for your business.

My business has multiple brands, is there a way to manage this?

Yes! Ideagen Op Central has a multi-brand feature where you will have one portal and show different branding and materials to users based on which brand they are associated with.

Does Ideagen Op Central work for a single site organisation?

Absolutely. An organisation that has complex layers, and departments are also perfect for Ideagen Op Central solutions. The platform allows consistency across the business which is ultimately what a complex organisation is striving for.