Emergency Services Management Software: The Unparalleled Solution for Crisis Response

In today’s rapidly evolving environment, the need for robust and reliable crisis information management software has never been greater. Op Central's Emergency Services package has been thoughtfully established to extend a helping hand to the emergency service organisations who have been unwavering in their commitment to providing the Australian community with essential aid for a number of years.

About Op Central

As a proud Australian owned software company, Op Central understands the unique landscape and challenges of managing emergency services in Australia. Our cloud-based system is meticulously designed to empower organisations to streamline their operations, thereby reducing operational costs, risk, and complexity without compromising efficiency or responsiveness.

Our software and systems fuel network-wide improvements in compliance, internal communication, HR practices, training, and onboarding new staff and volunteers. With a proven track record, Op Central's software and development team have collaborated with many of Australia’s most vital organisations (see logos below) to strengthen their capacity to respond to crises swiftly and effectively.

Tasmanian Goverment
Australian Goverment
Life Saving Victoria
Cotton On
Ambulance Tasmania
Victorian Fisheries

A Comprehensive Software System

Op Central offers a complete, state-of-the-art crisis management software suite designed to bolster the capabilities of those at the forefront of keeping the Australian community safe.

Central Instructional

Policy & Procedure Management

Manage and disseminate your standard operating policies and procedures seamlessly to your staff and/or volunteers. With auto-notifications and "required reading" features, our software ensures that your team is both informed and compliant with crucial protocols.

Smarter Audits

Auditing, Forms & Risk Management

Efficiently address the demands associated with site and equipment audits with Op Central’s cutting-edge auditing software. Our mobile app-based forms and checklists, integrated with detailed reporting, allow for on-the-go audits and easy identification of risks, making it an invaluable component of any emergency management alert system.

Performance Engagement

End-to-End Staff & Volunteer Onboarding

Simplify and standardise the process of onboarding new staff, contractors, or volunteers. Op Central’s intuitive platform enables organisations to easily tailor the onboarding experience to suit different roles (i.e. staff, volunteer, contractor, etc.), ensuring a smooth and consistent integration into your team.

Train Staff

Comprehensive Training & Instructional Content

With flexible assessment types and highly engaging eLearning modules, Op Central allows you to effectively educate and prepare your entire team. Recurring training and detailed reporting are built in, assuring that your team possesses the skills and knowledge they need to keep Australia safe.


Seamless Integration Across Your Systems

OpCentral’s platform is designed for interoperability. Connect all the systems you know and love to our platform for complete consistency. Our software has the capability to draw in data from your existing systems, allowing for an integrated, comprehensive reporting hub.

Improve Store Perform

Centralised & Customisable Reporting

Harness the power of data with Op Central’s versatile custom report builder. Gain real insights into the performance of each location and your team, and tailor the data to your preferences. Our centralised reporting tools empower you to easily discern critical information, guiding your strategy and decision-making during crisis events.

Your Partner in Crisis Management

When crises arise, every second counts. With Op Central’s Emergency Services Management Software, you can trust that your organisation is equipped with the tools it needs to respond swiftly, effectively, and responsibly to any emergency situation.

We offer similar solutions in real estate, childcare, retail, hospitality and other sectors.

Choose Op Central. Choose confidence in crisis management.