Enhancing Restaurant Operations with Restaurant Management Software

To operate a legally compliant food services business that consistently delivers an outstanding customer experience, restaurant management software is pivotal. Implementing such a system can streamline your operations, boost efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulations, leading to a seamless dining experience for your patrons.

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A Comprehensive Restaurant Operations Manual

The hallmark of the best operators in the food and beverage industry is their meticulous consistency. This ensures that nothing is left to chance. Adherence to high standards on a daily basis is non-negotiable, and everyone understands exactly what's required of them. A SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for restaurants, combined with a robust restaurant management system like Ideagen Op Central, can drive this consistency.

Such a system ensures every staff member is on the same page, bolstering both customer service and back-of-house operations. By minimising the chance for error and ambiguity, a restaurant order management system like Ideagen Op Central can contribute significantly to the delivery of a consistently high-quality customer experience.

Facilitating an Extraordinary Onboarding Experience

The food and beverage sector is notorious for high employee turnover rates, making the onboarding process crucial for staff retention. Ideagen Op Central stands out in its ability to deliver an engaging onboarding experience – our restaurant management software includes features such as welcome videos, training modules, policy sign-offs, information capture, and surveys. By investing in a smooth, comprehensive on boarding process, restaurants can significantly enhance employee retention and satisfaction.

Ensuring Uncompromised Food Safety Auditing

In certain industries, such as the food and hospitality industry, maintaining high benchmarks is non-negotiable. Just as you wouldn't board a plane if you felt the airline didn't prioritise safety, customers won't dine at a restaurant where cleanliness and hygiene aren't a priority. If this standard slips, the consequences could include legal risk, a drop in customer satisfaction, and even potential closure.

Ideagen Op Central helps mitigate these risks with innovative mobile app-based audit/checklist forms for area managers and quality control personnel. These tools, combined with pre-configured best-practice audit form templates, streamline the auditing process. Such a robust restaurant management system helps ensure the safety and quality of your food services, protecting your business from potential risks and preserving your reputation among customers.

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"Ideagen Op Central's system helps us to support our franchisees in an efficient and scalable manner. I recommend it to any business looking to team up with a smart and proven system that delivers results across multi-unit operations."


Darren Lane


"The whole self-auditing process only takes a few minutes and it allows us to maintain the highest standards in cake presentation, covid-safe practices and anything else that we need to help our franchisees with."


Ken Roseberry


"All of our training materials, policies, procedures and best practices are all in one place. Ideagen Op Central has greatly reduced the risks of non-compliance."


Tim McDonald


"Ideagen Op Central allows us to remotely connect and keep our franchisees up to date with all communications, eliminating any barriers that they may experience"


Adrian Giannarelli



What is Op Central?

Ideagen Op Central is the #1 all-in-one compliance management platform that centralises and transforms your operations. It helps to eliminate human error and improve efficiencies across your entire network.  Find out why multi-site business leaders love Ideagen Op Central.

Who is Op Central suitable for?

Multi-site businesses from 5 to 50,000 locations will benefit from Ideagen Op Central, no matter if they are company owned or franchised. Ideagen Op Central has been built specifically with multi-site management in mind and we solve the problems that larger businesses encounter every day.

Why is Op Central the best choice for my QSR business?

The restaurant industry faces some of the greatest hiring and staff retention challenges of any Australian industry. With Ideagen Op Central's people management module - inclusive of recruiting, onboarding, staff surveys, forms and more - hiring and retention challenges are a thing of the past.

Additional Ideagen Op Central features that address challenges in the restaurant industry include:

Full-scale LMS to ensure staff are properly skilled and trained

Dynamic operations manuals with automatic policy updates to ensure compliance and understanding with your high operating standards-

Quality control is easily achievable with advanced auditing tools and greater location insights

How secure is my data?

Data security is critical to us. Our in-house development team holds ISO:27001 and ISO:9001 certifications ensuring your valuable intellectual property is safe within the secure confines of our cloud infrastructure. More information about our data security management protocols is available upon request.

How does onboarding work?

Our dedicated Australian based Customer Success team will build out a tailored onboarding plan. Our easy implementation plans ensures you and your teams are up and running and launching on time.

I have multi-lingual teams, how does this work?

When you create content in Ideagen Op Central, it is auto-translated into more than 100 languages, ensuring that any staff members can access it at any time regardless of what their preferred language is.

Is there a minimum or maximium number of users?

No. We scale with you. We've started with businesses as small as 5 users, and worked and growth with businesses with thousands of team members stretching across the globe.

Do I need to purchase all the modules?

Absolutely not. Ideagen Op Central is built specifically to solve the problem your business has right at this moment. So if you need to focus just on your operations, or perhaps right now you need to lean into auditing, or maybe it's just training of your teams, we can work with you to ensure you focus on the areas that's right for your business.

My business has multiple brands, is there a way to manage this?

Yes! Ideagen Op Central has a multi-brand feature where you will have one portal and show different branding and materials to users based on which brand they are associated with.

Does Ideagen Op Central work for a single site organisation?

Absolutely. An organisation that has complex layers, and departments are also perfect for Ideagen Op Central solutions. The platform allows consistency across the business which is ultimately what a complex organisation is striving for.

What about customer support?

We don't have an NPS of 100 by chance! We're here to help. Ideagen Op Central has been developed with optimal user experience in mind, and our 5 start Google reviews prove it! It's unlikely that you'll need a hand with anything, but if you do, we have a great Australian based support team on standby ready to lend a hand.