Our guide to organisation in the workplace

Organisation in the workplace is often something overlooked and it is vital to becoming more productive. People think that organisation is more of a personality trait that you either have or you don’t.

Organisation in the workplace is often something overlooked and it is vital to becoming more productive. People think that organisation is more of a personality trait that you either have or you don’t. Well, it isn’t! Organisation is a skill anyone can learn. Once you get into the habit of being organised, you won’t even have to think about it anymore, it’ll just be second nature to you. Just making little organisational changes will ensure productivity all day, every day! So today, we’re looking at some best practices for being organised in the workplace.

It all starts before 9

No you don't have to start working before your contracted workday begins, we mean make sure you start your day off on the right foot! Give yourself the best chance of productivity and organisation with the right start to the day. Whether that be a hot cup of coffee, a gourmet breakfast each morning or the perfect playlist. Find what works for you in the morning and put your best foot forward.

Plan out the day

Whether you actually enjoy planning or not, you should really consider the tasks you need to complete for the day. Finishing all the tasks you had set out to complete is going to give you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. You might want to do this at the end of your workday, the night before or when you get in for the day, it’s up to you! Make sure you know what needs to be done for that day and allot enough time to complete it all. If you’re just starting to plan your workday for the first time ever, don’t worry if you don’t complete all the tasks! Review how much time was required for each task and alter your task list for the next day. Soon enough, you will be a planning expert!

Use different tools

Using different tools ties in to the above point. In order to plan out your day and keep track of your progress, you will need the appropriate tools to do so right? Whether that be by notes on a pin board above your desk or an online program, choose what works best for you. I like to use Trello to map out what I want to achieve for the day. It allows me to set individual goals within specific tasks and set due dates for tasks. You might prefer to write things down in a diary or use Google Calendar. Maybe try a couple different methods to find out what works for you. There is no right or wrong tool to use here.

Clean up your workspace

The old saying of ‘a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind’ still rings true. A disorganised desk is really going to add to your stress levels and we know you don’t need more stress! You need room to do your work and minimise distractions. So clear off the unused coffee cups and the rubber band ball and welcome organisation heaven! Of course, you can still keep personal items, just cut it all down to a minimum so you have room to do your work. 

Of course, cleaning up your workspace doesn't just mean your desk, it's your desktop too! There are probably lots of files and applications crowding your desktop that could do with a purge. Delete the unused ones, file some away if you need them in the future and create a whole bunch of folders! This is about a 5 minute job to make your life so much easier and will definitely make you feel better.

Take regular breaks

Don't be a hero, make sure you take time to replenish yourself and walk away from that computer screen! It’s a widely known fact that using your computer for too long can cause eye strain. Make sure you step away from the computer screen and give your eyes a break! Go grab a cup of tea or coffee and then come back to your work (your eyes will thank you for that!) Also, if you work sitting at a desk, try doing a couple sitting or standing stretches every so often and revitalise yourself to get your work done.

Focus on your tasks and quit multitasking!

Start focusing on individual tasks and stop switching between tasks! It takes a lot more time to refocus when you multitask and you end up losing hours of the day. Allot time for specific tasks and immerse yourself completely in them. Once that task is finished, move on to the next one. You might want to be a multitasking extraordinaire, but unfortunately it just isn't helping your daily productivity and you simply can’t be well organised that way. 

Organisation in the workplace cannot be underestimated. It can drastically improve your skills, productivity and even your mood. By implementing these tips on being organised in the workplace, you’re well on your way to being your most productive self!

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