Introducing: Vax Central, powered by Ideagen Op Central

Vax Central is the safe and secure vaccination tracking system helping businesses manage staff vaccinations.

Vax Central is the safe and secure vaccination tracking system helping businesses manage staff vaccinations. This cloud-based system securely records and reports on your sensitive health information, allowing you to get back to what you do best - run your business safely!

With the current rules and regulations in place for some of Australia's major cities and with more and more businesses being required to - or choosing to - mandate vaccinations for their staff, businesses need a solution to manage and report on staff vaccination rates. Taking inspiration and many of the amazing functionality Ideagen Op Central has provided its clients with for years, Vax Central features:

  • Advanced security measures: nothing should be more important to you than data security when it comes to using a new system. Vax Central offers some of the most advanced data security standards, certified by the global ISO standards of ISO:27001 Information Security Management System and ISO:9001 Quality Management System.
  • Custom branded tracking portal: Why would you want a portal with our branding all over it? Vax Central gives you the ability to add your own branding including your own logo, imagery, brand colours and fonts!
  • Flexible reporting: Vax Central’s advanced reporting capabilities give you the freedom to decide what’s important and what’s not. You can filter your data by any way imaginable to easily and quickly see the vaccination rollout progression across each team, region, department, gender, role and more. 
  • Strict visibility permissions: Custom visibility permissions is the function you never knew you needed! Set custom visibility permissions over who can access what data, giving better levels of privacy and peace of mind for your entire team.
  • Mobile accessibility: upload your records seconds after you get the jab with mobile accessibility! You can upload or update your records safely and securely at any time with the ease of mobile access.

Vax Central officially launches on October 5th 2021. If you’re keen to find out more about the system, check out the Vax Central website. Don’t forget to register your interest before October 5th to get 15% of the system for life!

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