Audit Central: Explained

In this month’s addition to the series, we’re discussing Audit Central; what it is, some of our favorite features of the module and why the module may be the right fit for your business.

It’s time for part 3 in our ‘explained series’! In this month’s addition to the series, we’re discussing Audit Central; what it is, some of our favourite features of the module and why the module may be the right fit for your business. Let’s dive right into it! 


Audit Central is more than just auditing, it's the key to managing risks and maintaining consistency among all of your locations. Audit Central is the most comprehensive and versatile risk management platform out there; with the ability to conduct audits, gather secret shopper and customer feedback submissions and create any kind of form imaginable. On top of that, all the data you gather is pulled into reporting that you can customise to suit your needs and preferences. 

Audit Central allows you to work smarter, not harder without compromising quality. With a simple to use interface and almost no learning curve, Audit Central is the perfect fit for any business with multiple sites.

Features we love!

  • Weighted questions: Not every question was created equally. By adding different values to questions, it gives different levels of importance to each different question. This is especially important when you have some audit items that could spell disaster if they are not complied with, when other items, the consequences may only be minor. Weighted questions give you the ability to create smarter audits and make informed decisions.
  • Custom report builder: The custom report builder gives you the freedom to determine what matters and what doesn’t. You can create charts, tables and alter settings and configurations to your heart's desire in order to better present and view your invaluable data.
  • Recurring tasks: Create recurring tasks or invitations to take the hassle out of scheduling. By setting recurring tasks, you can be sure you are accurately assessing performance and are able to view performance trends over time.
  • File upload restrictions: The worst thing that can happen in an audit is gathering inaccurate submissions. Toggle on ‘restrict file upload to camera’ to ensure only pictures that have been taken at that moment are uploaded, giving you the piece of mind that comes with accurate submissions.
  • Add action items: Action items give you the ability to let the user completing the audit know that there are improvements to be made. It allows you to save the time and hassle of remembering to schedule in a chat to go over improvement areas.

Why is this module right for you?

In today’s day and age, maintaining compliance and having a handle on risk management is more than essential, it’s vital. Without compliance with external rules and regulations, businesses can’t operate - plain and simple. That doesn't even take into account the implications of brand inconsistencies either. With Audit Central, you never have to worry about inconsistencies, compliance or operational risks again. Audit Central gives you the confidence to run your business and the opportunity to improve growth. 

Consider this; what happens if you have a compliance breach? You might have to shut up shop, your brand may be damaged or perhaps you’ll lose customers. All of these things can be disastrous for your business and all are avoidable. By conducting smarter self-audits, with weighted questions and deep logic, you’ll gather the data you need to ensure your business is operating as it should. Combine this with reporting that automatically pulls your data in and you will always be able to identify issues and make the appropriate adjustments before the issues become large and costly. 

That was a quick look into Audit Central. Stay tuned for the next update in our ‘explained series’, because a new module is appearing in this series each month (hint: next month we will be talkin’ managing relationships and locations). If compliance and managing risks have been on your mind and you’re ready to explore systemising your processes, schedule a live demo with one of our amazing product specialists today!

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