New Ideagen Op Central module launched: People Central

We are very excited to be able to announce a brand new module added to our product suite! People Central will encompass all things, well, people.

We are very excited to be able to announce a brand new module added to our product suite! People Central will encompass all things, well, people. With People Central, you will be able to manage your team, improve company culture and even recruit new people. In today’s post, we’re going to give you a quick walk through of what you can expect to see in People Central (and how you can use it at your company!). 


Onboarding is one of the most important experiences in the employee lifecycle. This is where your employee learns about the company, their role, who to report to and all the systems and processes that allow them and the business to operate every day. A poor onboarding experience can spell disaster for you, your new hire and your entire team. 

With People Central’s onboarding system, you can offer each team member a special onboarding experience with flexible activity types, allowing you to tailor your onboarding experience to what works best for your company and for your team. The activity types you can add to your onboarding program include:

  • Training programs
  • Staff surveys
  • Forms
  • Policy sign offs
  • Welcome messages
  • Videos
  • File uploads
  • And much more!


The recruiting process can be really lengthy and sometimes quite taxing. We want to help lighten the load and take the hassle out of recruiting! With the People Central recruiting feature, you are able to post new jobs, manage candidates, issue employee contracts and even create your own branded job board that can be embedded on your site. Your hiring team, with the help of People Central, are able to effectively manage recruits, their own time and (hopefully) find the perfect candidates for your organisation.

Forms, surveys and checklists

Improve culture and employee engagement with surveys and checklists. People Central allows you to easily conduct staff and culture surveys and roll them out to your team on a regular basis. The value of conducting regular employee engagement surveys cannot be underestimated. Not only does it let your staff know that you are a company that cares, the surveys also provide you with data. Data that you can analyse to figure out what is working well and what isn’t! So with People Central’s recurring survey options and real-time reporting attached to surveys, you’ll be able to better understand your employees and take action as soon as any potential issues arise.

Alongside surveys and checklists, forms can also help you better manage and understand your people. Ideagen Op Central’s form’s features allow you to create any form imaginable! The most common forms our clients create are:

  • Harassment reports
  • Incident and injury reports
  • Whistleblower forms
  • Leave requests

There's no limit on what forms you can create. Your forms can have different permission settings and features such as file/photo upload requests and question dependencies, giving you the freedom to create smarter, more functional forms.

Performance reviews

Performance reviews are another important part of people management. By conducting performance reviews, both you and the employee you are reviewing are able to better understand how well they are doing in their role. 

With the reporting attached to performance reviews, you are able to view and analyse all the data you have collected, giving you a look at what trends may be emerging. With the intelligent reporting functions, you can filter the data to zero in on a single performer or a particular location, allowing you to gain real insights into why performance is exceptional, fair or inadequate. With Ideagen Op Central, you will always have the insights you need to make informed business decisions. 

Custom report builder 

People Central’s custom report builder allows you to decide what’s important and gives you the freedom of choice. All the data you gather can be presented in a way that is meaningful to you. With charts, tables and more settings and configurations than imaginable, all your invaluable data becomes easy to understand. The custom report builder gives you the ability to determine what matters to you, what doesn’t and how that should be presented.

People Central has all the tools you need to effectively manage your people - and if it doesn’t we probably integrate with a system that does! To find out more about People Central, visit the People Central information page. Alternatively if you’re keen to see the system in action, schedule a live demo with a product specialist today!

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