Training and onboarding a new hire

Training and onboarding staff is the most crucial part of hiring. This is because it sets the pace for a new employee’s time at the company and is their first impression of their new job and the company as a whole.

Training and onboarding staff is the most crucial part of hiring. This is because it sets the pace for a new employee’s time at the company and is their first impression of their new job and the company as a whole. We all know how important those first impressions are, so you need to be making the best one possible. After all, an employee decides whether they will stay at a company or not within the first 6 months! That’s why we have put together a list of things you need to consider for the training and onboarding process.

Before their first day

Make sure your new employee is all set up before they even start. By not being prepared for your new employee, you’re inadvertently telling them they aren’t valued and that’s not the impression you want to make! Start by making sure all those pesky documents and contracts are sent over to them and all signed by the time they start. Preferably, you will want to do this through an online forms method. You can’t assume your new hire will be able to sign and scan things easily at home. Plus, it means everything will already be online and ready to go in your system too! 

You’ll also want to get them all set up with any programs, accounts and logins they will need as well as any materials like a computer, keys to the office and (most importantly) a desk. All of these things are going to make their first day so much easier and will allow you to focus on onboarding and training.

Some other key things you may not have considered for before their first day:

  • Get in contact with your new hire and let them know: where to go, how to get into the building, who they should ask for and what to wear. A first day is really daunting, so put their mind at ease by giving them all the info!
  • Hype up the team! Nothing is worse than coming into a new job and finding out no one but your manager was excited for your arrival or even knew you were coming! Let your entire team know that this person is starting on this particular date and get them just as excited for the addition to the team. 

On their first day

So it’s your new hire's first day - how exciting! Everyone is going to be very keen, but make sure you don’t overwhelm them with too much information. Focus on the basics of the brand such as brand values, business functions, workplace culture and so on. This is going to give them the best idea of whether or not they realistically fit in. You’ll also want to focus on their specific role at your company. Let them know what is expected of them and ask them about what they expect to get out of the role. 

Some key things to consider for their first day:

  • Assign them a buddy! This is going to make them far more comfortable and will give them a peer to go to with anything. They will be able to ask their buddy questions that may even seem a little silly to them and get a real sense of what it is like to be an employee at your company. 
  • Give them an awesome orientation. Maybe you can take them out for lunch, or order in the office for the entire team and give the day a real celebration! It’s going to make them feel really welcome and comfortable coming into the workplace. 

After their first day

The training and onboarding process doesn’t end on the new employee’s first day or first week at the company, it’s ongoing. Firstly, you’re going to want to plan out the employee’s steps to success. How long is it realistically going to take to train them to a point where they are autonomous? Do they need to undergo any internal or external training? You shouldn’t overwhelm them with too much in just the first week, plan out several weeks of ongoing learning and working to get them confident in the role. Set goals for them and regularly check in throughout the entirety of the probation period. 

Some key things to consider after their first day:

  • Inspire your hires to be their best selves and to love the company as much as you hope they do. Let them know how they can develop within the company and encourage them to aspire for more!
  • Celebrate those wins! Even small achievements should be celebrated in the beginning. It's going to encourage them to be better and continue to succeed. 
  • Invest time into their development. Training is one of the most important things to your employees progression as a worker as it can lead to greater motivation, productivity, retention and engagement.

Training and onboarding cannot be pinned down to one day of the employee journey, it’s ongoing and should be treated by every company as such. The key thing to remember is to make sure this employee feels valued and gear them up for success at the company. These two things are going to get the most from an employee and will ensure they fit into your team!

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