Workplace satisfaction: are your employees happy?

Employee satisfaction is a lot better for your business than you might think. Happy employees are more productive, less likely to take time off, are more loyal to the company and are more focused and effective in their jobs.

Employee satisfaction is a lot better for your business than you might think. Happy employees are more productive, less likely to take time off, are more loyal to the company and are more focused and effective in their jobs. And just think about what that means for your business in return: reduced turnover costs, increased production and let's face it, less stress for you! So how do you create employee satisfaction (and maintain lasting happiness)? Let’s find out. 

But first, how do I know if my employees are happy?

Well, the best way to know if your employees are happy within the company is by conducting an employee engagement survey! With the right questions and implementing suggested changes, employee engagement surveys can be really helpful and are going to show you what needs addressing, but also what your company is already doing really well. Whether you’re new to creating employee engagement surveys or a survey expert, People Central can help you build great surveys and gives you customisable reporting options. Take a look today and see how we can help increase employee engagement for your business. 

What can I do to create employee engagement?

Allow for flexibility

A major concern for employees today is the allowance for flexibility within their role. Employees want the option to work from home or to adjust their hours. Workplaces that allow for flexibility are much more attractive to prospective employees, and workplace flexibility actually helps retain employees. Flexible workplaces give employees a sense of freedom within their job and gives them the opportunity to balance work and their personal lives (which is super important!) So by offering flexibility to your employees, your employees are likely to be much more satisfied within the company and their role. 

Say no to micro-management!

No one wants someone looking over their shoulder constantly. This gives the impression that an employee doesn’t know how to do their job and therefore, are a failure. Offering an employee some guidance and giving them the opportunity to come to you when they need help is very different to micro-management. By doing so, your employees will feel more trusted and empowered within their role. 

Recognise and reward success

It’s not about giving a participation award to every single employee just for doing their job, it’s about recognising employees’ successes. Employees want to know that their contributions matter and that their work is meaningful. Show them that this is true with small rewards like an additional holiday or recognise them with a section in the company newsletter or by congratulating them during the next staff meeting. Your employees will feel valued and will strive for future successes too!

Foster a positive work environment

A positive work environment doesn’t just happen in a flash, it takes a lot of work, but the benefits are significant. The social factor is something that people love about their workplace, and a workplace without that becomes toxic very quickly. Research has shown that friendships at work can increase employee satisfaction by 50%. Encouraging communication and socialisation at work is a really good start to a positive workplace. 

There are a few other things you can do to create a welcoming work environment. Giving constructive criticism instead of punishment and recognition for success is a great way to create a positive work environment. Another very important thing for fostering a positive work environment is diversity. People from all walks of life should be given the same opportunities and the workplace needs to be inclusive. All workplaces should be considering diversity and how they can promote it within their company. By doing so, employees are likely to feel much more comfortable and accepted in the workplace, among many other benefits

Allow for development and success

Employees want the opportunity to develop their skills and grow within the company. It makes them feel more fulfilled and as if they are reaching for their full potential every single day. Workplaces that don’t give that, are going to create more disengaged employees. Make sure your employees are able to develop their skills by encouraging collaboration, provide them with opportunities and encourage them to grow within their role (and within the company!)

Employee satisfaction is really crucial to your business, but it often isn’t treated that way. Higher levels of satisfaction reduce costs and turnover and increase focus, motivation and productivity among workplaces. We need to remember that happy employees = happy life and give that motto the attention it deserves!

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