Creating effective location audits with Ideagen Op Central

Audits are an essential part of running a successful multi-site business. Audits help your business maintain quality control, improve compliance and assess

Audits are an essential part of running a successful multi-site business. Audits help your business maintain quality control, improve compliance and assess performance. With Ideagen Op Central’s advanced auditing functions, you can create really powerful and user-friendly audits that ensure all your locations are in tip-top shape! Check out some of the best features of Ideagen Op Central’s auditing functionality:

Recurring audits

Location audits are never just a once-off, but their frequency is really dependent on your business. You might run audits monthly, quarterly or even annually. With Ideagen Op Central, you can set your location audits to occur any number of days, weeks or months after the previous survey. After you set the frequency, your audits will go out to the relevant people on their own without any further action from you.

This allows you to just set the surveys and have the results rolling in as frequent as you need. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is assessing and actioning the results.

Audit settings: recurring frequency

File upload restrictions

One of my all-time favourite features of Ideagen Op Central audits is the file upload restrictions. Rolling out audits can be a nerve-racking process, I mean, how can you be sure that the results you’re getting are accurate? With the file upload restrictions option, you can be certain that the submissions you’re gathering are always indicative of your locations at this point in time.

This option will force open the respondent's camera when answering a file upload question, meaning that your respondents won’t be able to upload an old image, they will be forced to take a new picture. So even though you’re not at the location, you can be sure that you’re seeing it exactly how it is at that moment.


With each question on the audit, you can select the ability to add free-text comments. It might seem like a bit of an irrelevant function, but it can actually provide you with some real insights such as:

  • When or if a question hasn’t covered everything it should;
  • An explanation as to why a respondent has answered the way they have;
  • Why a question isn’t applicable to this particular respondent; 
  • Or maybe just some general feedback on the question. 

These insights might actually be telling you some really crucial information about your respondent, their location and your audit. 

Audit question settings

Action items

Let your respondents know specifically where changes need to be made with action items. While you probably will be giving feedback on an audit as a whole, if there’s something that needs to be rectified, you should let your respondent know what exactly needs to be done. 

With action items, you won’t have to schedule a chat to go through what’s wrong and where a respondent or location is missing the mark, because your respondent will already have tasks to complete. Action items take the hassle out of the assessment process for you and make it easier for your respondents to get on top of things.

There are so many reasons why I love Ideagen Op Central’s location audits, but the power and functionality of it, plus all the additional options that come with it make Audit Central one of our most valuable modules.

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