The 5 best features of Ideagen Op Central's survey function

Ideagen Op Central’s surveys feature is more than just surveying your staff to see if they are happy ‍ Surveys are only as powerful as the system they are

Ideagen Op Central’s surveys feature is more than just surveying your staff to see if they are happy

Surveys are only as powerful as the system they are created in. Without the advanced functionality that Ideagen Op Central surveys have, you’re not likely to get the best results. And while there are many other survey tools out there that are completely adequate, with Ideagen Op Central, you can take surveying your staff (and others) to the next level. Let’s dive into what makes Ideagen Op Central surveys so damn good.

Optional anonymity

When trying to get the most accurate survey responses from your staff, the anonymity toggle can be your best friend! It isn’t always easy to speak honestly on topics such as how you feel at work, about your manager or your company, so by setting a survey as anonymous, your staff might feel a lot more comfortable being truly honest about the good, the bad and the ugly. 

You don’t always have to set surveys as anonymous and we wouldn’t recommend all of them to be anonymous, however in some instances, it’s almost impossible to get accurate data without this feature. 

Public accessibility

Surveys don’t always have to go to users in your Ideagen Op Central portal, you can make them publicly accessible. Perhaps you’d like to create a survey for potential employees or maybe for particular customers. 

Adjust your settings to remove the requirement for login on the survey and you’ll be able to send the survey out to whoever you like.


Surveys shouldn’t have 100 questions (unless they are one of those super important personality tests that tell you what movie your life is like!) That’s why dependencies are so handy. If some questions only need to be answered depending on the answer of the questions before, you can set a dependency. 

By doing so, it makes your surveys look better and seem far less daunting, and also means that no one is filling out fields that aren’t relevant to them.

Quick tip: dependencies can be set based on a number of question types such as: yes/no, radio button, multiple choice, etc.

Welcome videos

Why leave a survey description when you can drop in a little video? With this feature, you can introduce yourself, what to expect in the survey or even Rick Roll them if you really want to! 

You just got Rick Rolled!

This can make your surveys a bit more fun and engaging, rather than just another stuffy corporate survey. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to show off your personality and the company's personality, giving the user more of a sense of warmth.

Advanced permissions

When it comes to permissions, the Ideagen Op Central survey function has a lot of flexibility for you. You can choose settings based on user role, location or even down to the individual user.

The permissions you’ll have to choose from are:

  • Notifications: Choose who will get notified when the survey is submitted by anyone.
  • Ability to edit: Choose who can edit submissions and fill in the survey
  • Ability to view reporting: Choose who can see reporting data on the survey submissions.

By default, all your admins will have permission to do all of the above, but from then on, the world is your oyster!

Surveys are super versatile and have a lot of advanced features, so if you ever need a hand setting anything up, get in touch with our friendly team of product experts! Or if you haven’t got Ideagen Op Central yet, book in a time with one of our legendary implementation consultants.

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