4 tips and tricks to make your training quiz a masterpiece

Creating a training quiz is an excellent opportunity to test your learners’ knowledge and skills. It can help you determine the learners’ understanding of

Creating a training quiz is an excellent opportunity to test your learners’ knowledge and skills. It can help you determine the learners’ understanding of new concepts. In addition, it can also help you keep track of which topics learners are familiar with and which they need more practice on. But creating engaging and purposeful quizzes doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Here are 4 helpful tips on how you can make your quiz a success.

Know who your learners are

Before you start creating quizzes for your training, you should first identify which learners you want to reach. There are different ways of doing this. You can conduct surveys, get learners’ input, or track previous respondent data. By knowing the type of learners you want to reach, you can create quizzes that are specifically designed for them. 

It’s also a good idea to try and identify specific learning styles of your learners. This can be done by collecting learner data on how they respond to quizzes or simply speaking to your team. You can then use this information to create quizzes that cater to specific learning styles, which helps with engagement, response rates and overall quiz performance.

Focus on creating fun and engaging content

As with any form of communication, quizzes need to be both fun and meaningful. By creating quizzes that are fun and engaging, rather than just another stuffy corporate quiz, learner engagement and retention are greatly increased.

You can also use quizzes to provide feedback and reinforce learning. It’s important to keep quizzes relevant to the course content. So, you’ll need to ensure everything ties back (except for maybe a few fun or trick questions!). 

Use a Learning Management System

Most business Learning Management Systems (LMS) will offer quizzes, with better ones having lots of different options for creating the best quizzes.

Any good LMS is going to give you multiple options and personalisation tools to allow you to create the best learning experiences. For example, your LMS will likely give you question options such as: multiple choice, true/false, yes/no, free text, file upload and more. Use a different mix of questions to create a more balanced and engaging quiz that will generate better results.

By making use of the many features of an LMS, you’re able to build functional quizzes and create more personalised learning experiences.

Write a user feedback form right after the training

After you’ve finished your training course, it’s a good idea to create a form for learners to give you feedback on your quiz and the course as a whole. This can be done using an online feedback tool or staff survey (like the ones you can conduct in Ideagen Op Central). A survey is going to give you the honest feedback you need to determine whether or not your quizzes are hitting the mark and where you can improve.

While the feedback isn’t always pretty, it can really help you improve your quizzes and thus the performance of your learners, as well as response rates.

The survey/feedback might also let you know where your learners need more help in terms of training, rather than just specifically the effectiveness of the quiz. 


Training quizzes are an excellent way to measure learners’ knowledge and skills. There are so many endless reasons why you might want to create quizzes, but it’s important for you to go back to basics and ensure you know why you’re conducting the quiz, who will be taking the quiz and how the quiz is best delivered.

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