Why your business should capitalise on the benefits of Ideagen Op Central's AI Content Creation.

Discover the abundant benefits of Ideagen Op Central's AI content creation solutions, releasing March 6, 2023.

In today's fast-paced and constantly evolving business landscape, creating effective organisational learning and policy strategies that are innovative, fool-proof, and productive remains a top priority for companies looking to gain a competitive edge and achieve favourable outcomes. It is essential to adhere to industry-specific policies, regulations, and laws to ensure high-quality standards, operational consistency, and the well-being of employees. However, regardless of a company's size, one of the most significant challenges is developing training materials that are engaging, informative, and effective while keeping up with the ever-changing industry regulations. Creating accurate policies and training content at scale can be a daunting task for companies, but with the emergence of AI content creation, businesses can leverage this technology to improve their training processes and reap the benefits.

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte (2021), 78% of companies believe that AI is a key driver of digital transformation, and they plan to invest in AI to improve business processes and decision-making. The survey also found that 62% of companies have already implemented AI in some capacity, and another 34% plan to do so over the next two years. It is evident that AI adoption is becoming more widespread, and businesses globally are recognizing the extreme benefits of the technology. Specifically, AI content creation technology is gaining popularity as a way to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of training and development programs. With a growing number of companies embracing AI as part of their digital transformation strategy, it is clear that AI content creation will play an increasingly important role in the future of workplace learning, but why?

The benefits of AI

The benefits are significant, offering a number of advantages over traditional learning methods which offer businesses an appealing opportunity to embrace innovation:

  • Personalisation: AI content creation tools can create training and policy materials that are personalised to the needs of any given business. From retail, to health, to fitness, to real estate.  Content is generated with industry-specific needs in mind, ensuring employees are trained on the content that truly matters for your business’ success.
  • Efficiency: AI can automate many of the time-consuming tasks involved in developing and updating training and policy materials, which can save businesses significant time and money. A single prompt can generate pages of relevant and effective content, saving hours of human labour and costs associated with the strenuous task of designing modules.
  • Scalability: AI content creation can help organisations create and deliver training and policy content at scale. This is particularly important for businesses with large or distributed workforces, as it enables them to reach more employees with consistent and effective training.
  • Consistency: With AI-based content creation, businesses can ensure their learning and policy content is created with the most up-to-date industry regulations and organisational policies applied, promoting a consistent quality of learning free of conflicting and confusing messaging whilst keeping up with frequently changing legislation.

Ideagen Op Central’s all-new AI-powered content creation tool.

Enjoy these benefits and more as of March 6, as we release our AI content creation upgrades across our platform. Create and manage content better, and easier, with our tools specifically designed to maximise compliance, engagement and effectiveness. With the click of a button, generate comprehensive policies and supplementary training materials ensuring all team members are operating consistently, from the same playbook. Reduce your risk of non-compliance to virtually zero, thanks to our tool’s ability to consider and apply the most up-to-date industry regulations to your content.

We're thrilled to bring these powerful AI content creation features to our users, and we can't wait to see the positive impact they will have on operations across industries. For more information, be sure to check out our blog post featuring an announcement video from Ideagen Op Central CEO, Josh Cairns, about these new features.

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