Top 5 solutions for Quality Management Software Systems

With so many SaaS providers in market, here's our breakdown at how Ideagen Op Central's modular approach brings together the QMS solution.

A quality management system (QMS) helps small and large organisations manage and improve the overall quality of goods, services, and experiences being delivered at all levels. They typically consist of five key elements and should be aligned with the organisation’s overall goals, mission, vision, and strategy. It should also be realistic and practical, considering the resources available and the type of products or services offered. Finally, it should be transparent and inclusive so that all employees feel comfortable reporting problems and making suggestions.

A QMS can take many forms, depending on the needs and resources of an organization and typically include written policies and procedures, training programs, audits, continuous improvement efforts, and more.

There are several benefits to implementing a QMS. Among these is increased efficiency, reducing waste, boosting productivity and finally, your bottom line. Long term it’s helping the organisation achieve its goals in a more sustainable way.

With so many SaaS providers in market, here’s our breakdown at how Ideagen Op Central’s modular approach brings together the QMS solution.

1. Work Central: Standard operating procedure (SOP) software

Built specifically for multi-site businesses struggling to manage the sheer complexity of instructional content and operational documentation, Work Central seamlessly handles every policy, procedure, operational manual, best practice, notification, or update and ensures that there is only one single source of truth for that document. One single document is mapped across your entire network and auto-updated everywhere with notifications for “required reading” to users. 100% searchable and accessible from any device and options for rich media content which makes content more engaging for a wide range of staff. The quiz assessments add another layer that is unique to the platform ensuring that your team has definitely read and engaged with the critical updates. And as a management team, what you’re really after is reporting. The dashboards are brilliant and reporting is simple as you drill down to location, team, role, and individual. Or keep it macro. It’s really quite flexible. For HR compliance, this is a great safety net. Work Central is a rock-solid base to ensure your teams are working in harmony and setting the foundation for a great QMS.

2. Learn Central: Business learning management system

Ensuring your teams are trained is critical in the overall scheme of a quality management system. Learn Central is an absolute powerhouse and when teamed with Work Central and is unstoppable as far as commencing your QMS journey. With flexible assessment types, Learn Central ensures you can offer the wide range of learning verification that your teams need. SCORM e-learning support will be music to your Learning Manager’s ears, and Learn Central embraces SCORM standards and encourages the use of any authoring tool to create content your team has developed. All the major online video conference solutions are supported, so no issues with additional integrations. And once again, a detailed completion report is included. The reporting interface includes a multi-level drill down that’s very detailed and a manager’s dream. Mobile accessibility will have your younger team members learning on the go, and possibly even on the train or bus on the way in for their shift, and auto-mapping from Work Central means not a single team member will miss a future compliance update throughout the entire business.

3. Audit Central: Auditing Software & Audit Management Systems

No QMS is complete without the ability to audit and deep dive into your analytics. Audit Central is the versatile and comprehensive form-building platform with a super simple easy-to-use interface and the ability to audit for OH&S, quality control, retail compliance, and to develop external surveys such as customer or supplier feedback forms, incident reporting, and management or support tickets. Surveys allow for weighted questions, meaning the data relating to each audit is truly indicative of performance depending on what is most important to you. Accessibility through mobile and iPad (iOS or Android) means it’s easy to do audits on-site, plus the interface is simple and easy to use. What’s really great is the recurring tasks and invitations, which means it’s easy to set and forget in order to maintain OH&S or any set of standards which is critical when maintaining your QMS, especially over time. And finally, the report building in Audit Central is exceptionally robust enabling you to tell a story about what’s happening in your business. It’s fully customisable, allowing you to decide what’s important and how it should be presented.

4. People Central: Culture, HR software

As part of your establishing your quality management system, streamlining your onboarding and HR processes is the starting point for every new team member. People Central provides training programs, staff survey forms, policy sign-offs, welcome messages, and videos to get your team members off on the right path. Performance reviews and insights allow you to analyse team members over time and understand what’s going on with an individual’s performance. And HR or Hiring Managers will love the recruiting and candidate tracking functionality enabling them to post new jobs, manage candidates and issue contracts with digital signatures. Forms are a great tool within the program with varied permissions levels and anonymity for things like incident and injury reports, whistleblower forms, harassment reports, leave requests, or anything at all. Everything is completely customisable. A custom report builder allows managers to build out reports specifically that are meaningful to the business.

5. Connect Central: Franchise management software

Connecting the dots between operations, compliance, training, financial, and contact records for your multi-site business is the final piece to completing your quality management system. Integrated financial reporting is acritical and using Connect Central’s advanced report capability will ensure your management team can see the financial performance in real-time through direct integrations with Xero and MYOB. Real-time reporting enables you to make informed decisions. In addition to the financial aspect, Connect Central also provides you with a communication tool to keep track of critical communications, in addition to documentation including expiring notifications for leasing agreements, insurance policies, licenses, etc. Private file sharing also allows a private folder within the document management system for relevant and approved staff members. The all-in-one operational reporting brings together an easy-to-use screen to see every operational metric tracked across the entire suite of products and any external integrations so you have a visual dashboard of progress to view at any time.

Quality Management System

Ideagen Op Central’s modular approach to quality management software helps to drive continuous improvement across multi-site businesses. In a simple process, the modules come together to:

• Create policies and procedures

• Deliver instructional content via digital platforms

• Collect audits, surveys and data to measure performance

• Use custom reports to visualise data and identify opportunity for improvement

To find out more about Ideagen Op Central and get started with Work Central today, book a demo today.

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