AI: Friend or Foe?

Explore how you can innovate with the future of AI in business.

It’s hard to ignore the hype around ChatGPT and the use of AI moving forward in today’s world. 

You can’t turn on the TV, open social media or read a news article without being bombarded with conflicting views on how AI is ruining lives or saving them. It also doesn’t help that nearly every sci-fi film seems to centre around a super computer becoming too powerful and eventually wiping out humankind, either.

ChatGPT has created more controversial opinions and division since the COVID19 vaccine and it’s easy to see why. But, the question remains: if we don’t embrace the future of AI, will we simply be left behind?

While there are many valid points suggesting AI can ‘take jobs’ and ‘ruin brain power’, there are many positive points worth focussing on and ways we can innovate with AI instead of against it. 

Instead of viewing AI as a succubus sent to ruin all imaginative ideas and original thought, what if AI was tasked to stimulate work and education in a whole new way? What if, through the process of investing in its development, we are introduced to not only new ways of learning, but also increased productivity and a new stream of consciousness?

One thing is for sure, AI is not going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s adapt and adopt or fight against the inevitable; or in plain terms ‘if you can’t beat it, join it’. 

What if AI could be viewed as your extra team member or your study buddy? Your legal team, your copywriter, your l&d coordinator and your HR officer all in one? (Instead of the annoying guy from sales who big notes himself and always seems to get the promotion ahead of you).

The opportunities to embrace AI and make working life easier and more productive are endless. The current ChatGPT model is great, however its use in the workplace still remains a risky operation given the ‘open slather’ style of forum and access to information.

Utilising AI in a business environment is about conducting an informed risk vs reward assessment. Without the appropriate application of the tool, the risk of misinformation and wasted time is high. Whilst the risks of utilising AI in a business setting are paramount, the rewards for early adoption are arguably higher. 

The key to harnessing AI is structure, clarity and specificity in your communication with the tool. If you are unable to communicate a clear picture of what you want, the AI tool naturally will not be capable of producing something that is accurate, because, (despite what we would all like to believe) it cannot read minds. 

Ideagen Op Central’s AI updates bring an advanced level of automation and intelligence to our policy content creation systems. Our innovative AI solutions can accurately generate policy content and SOP’s in a matter of seconds, rather than weeks or months, whilst considering essential factors such as industry-relevant regulation, brand tone, target audience, and desired writing style.

As an ISO Certified Software company, Ideagen Op Central prioritises ethical considerations, from development to maintenance, and is dedicated to diligent security management. We believe in the importance of a detailed framework of procedures, policies and best practices, including physically, legally and technically sound controls to ensure the security of our systems and information.

Our commitment to providing a revolutionary AI system includes working diligently to mitigate the concerns associated with ethical AI use, by minimising AI bias through ongoing maintenance, through ongoing in-house audits, moderation, and client feedback response.

In case you missed it, join our CEO, Josh Cairns, as we announce and discuss our exciting new AI updates!

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