A cautionary operations manual tale

It’s Giorgia here, your spooky story director for the spooky season. I’m here to tell you what can happen when you don’t properly take care of your operati

It’s Giorgia here, your spooky story director for the spooky season. I’m here to tell you what can happen when you don’t properly take care of your operations manuals and how to avoid falling into an operations manuals pit of despair! Let the spookiness begin!

A lack of consistency? Say it ain’t so!

While you may think your operations are in check and hey everyone has access to that shared folder in Google Drive and that one in Dropbox, so what more do you need to do right? Well updating those manuals and making sure everyone knows about the changes must be a full-time job - and a nightmare born from a horror movie too! 

Even your companies legendary Operations Manager surely can’t handle that big of a task. Because here is a list of everything they would have to do:

  • Create the policies and operations manuals.
  • Find a way to share that static document (through Google Drive maybe, or perhaps they will email everyone a copy, or - although more unusually - send it via carrier pigeon).
  • Spend days/weeks/months following up with every single affected person at your company to ensure they have both read, and understood the content shared with them.
  • Report on who has/has not read and understood the policies.
  • Repeat when any changes are made.

Boy that’s a big job! How many weeks/months would it take just to get through one new policy? Oh the horror!

But that isn’t the worst part of our story…

Wait, what do you mean they aren’t properly trained?

After chasing up all of the affected team members for weeks on end, some have fallen through the cracks. That means they don’t know about these vital changes to your policies and procedures.

So they continue to do their job the way they think they should, without the knowledge they need to have.

Maybe that means they aren’t wearing a mask when they legally have to, or they aren’t practicing food safety in accordance with Australian law.

So that small problem of not reading a policy update, has now turned into a major lawsuit or big fine, poor and inconsistent customer experiences and serious bad press for your company!

What a nightmare!

But what if there was a better way?

With Ideagen Op Central, when you make a change to any of your policies and procedures, all your relevant team members are automatically notified of the changes. They will receive continuous automatic reminders, until they have read and checked off that they have understood the changes.

If you want to get the title of ‘compliance king’, you can even add a little quiz on the end of the policy, to make sure that your team actually have completely understood the content.

No follow ups? No worries!

With Ideagen Op Central by your side, your ops team no longer have to do all this chasing up when they make a change to a policy, and everywhere that content lives is automatically updated - which means no conflicting content!

You’ll also never have to worry about any compliance breaches and inconsistent experiences ever again. Now you can be sure that your team are knowledgeable and skilled because the evidence is right there on your Ideagen Op Central reporting dashboard.

In all seriousness, Ideagen Op Central really can save you from these compliance and consistency nightmares that can easily occur if you aren’t careful. If you want to speak to a (much more serious than me) product specialist, schedule a time in with them today and become an undeniable, compliance king.

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