The 7 ways to improve productivity with systems

From spending most of the past 2 years in and out of lockdowns and experiencing lots of major changes to the way we work, many workplaces have seen unheard of levels of burnout.

From spending most of the past 2 years in and out of lockdowns and experiencing lots of major changes to the way we work, many workplaces have seen unheard of levels of burnout (and it’s killing productivity!) So how do we make lasting changes to improve productivity? This post will take you through the 7 ways systems can help improve productivity in your workplace.

Connect & collaborate with your workplace

Particularly with the rise in remote and hybrid working, we know how important staying connected is. Systems are without a doubt the best way to stay connected with your team, no matter if they are in-house or remote! Video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet are great for when you need to converse with your team face to face and for when you want to view the content (like a presentation) together. Other tools like Slack are great for quick conversations with one or more team members. These systems all provide great mediums for collaboration regardless where your team is located.

Make project management a breeze

Rather than constantly emailing “how's the [insert project name here] project going?”, keep on top of your own and the projects of people you manage with a task management tool! Project management systems allow you to collaborate with others seamlessly and stay well on top of your tasks rather than them being on top of you. A system like Trello or eliminates the confusion around shared tasks, keeps you organised and helps manage expectations. 

Help you stay organised

While project management systems keep you organised, there are a lot of tools that can help you stay organised. Calendars, operations management systems, emails, intranet, etc. all help you stay organised and save your time. Now I know what you’re thinking: “that's a lot of different systems!” but don’t worry, because you can make use of an all-in-one cloud-based software that integrates with your other systems (like Ideagen Op Central!) By systemising your processes and keeping everything in one place, you’ll be able to keep you and your team organised every day.

Create a better onboarding experience

A system-less onboarding can be a little bit of a shemozzle. There is often a lack of structure, organisation and some holes in the process. Of course, in-person aspects can greatly improve the onboarding experience, but entirely so, you often don’t get the most well-rounded and engaging experience. In order to create an engaging and holistic onboarding experience, you should focus on a multifaceted approach. Create onboarding programs with systems that tie in all of your essential policies and procedures, training programs, surveys, forms and face-to-face components (if possible!) By combining lots of different activities to your onboarding programs, your new hires are going to be geared up for success with your company. 

Save time

Probably the most obvious and yet biggest selling point for systemising your operations is the amount of time you and your team will save. Just think about the hours lost looking for documents, following up with other team members, completing things by hand, doubling up on tasks that had already been completed - the list goes on and on! Implement a system that helps you do your job and eliminate those menial time-wasting tasks. 

Provide training when you need it

The only thing worse than no training at all, is training that’s not timely! By employing the use of a LMS, you will have engaging and timely training at your fingertips and your employees will always be prepared to do their job properly and efficiently. A purpose-built LMS gives you the tools you need to provide your team with up-to-date training whenever they may need it. If you’re not already using a LMS, ensure that you choose a system that provides you with flexible assessment types and customisable reporting to ensure you really are getting the most out of your training and kicking that productivity into high gear!

Improve employee engagement

We all know that higher engagement = more productivity! But if you’re having problems with employee engagement, just know that issues are unlikely to be resolved by ‘Casual Friday’ or a Christmas gift (but luckily systems can help you do it!) There are many HR and people management systems that have been especially designed for employee engagement purposes. A great way starting point for prioritising employee engagement is sending out culture and engagement surveys! By doing so, your employees will know that you care about them and they will be able to give you insights into what is going on in the team (and maybe give you some helpful tips for helping your team do their work better). 

Ideagen Op Central’s unique suite of software can help improve productivity for your entire team. Schedule a live demo to see the system in action and find out how you can maximise productivity across your organisation - or subscribe to our blog for more helpful tips!

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