SOP Software for Restaurants and Cafés

Op Central helps to make restaurants and cafes, more consistent, more scalable and ultimately more valuable.
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The missing ingredients in your businesses

Op Central helps restaurants and cafés to become more consistent in their operations.
Food Safety Audits

The risks associated with breaches in food safety compliance are numerous and potentially very costly to your business, and your customers.

Reduce that risk by conducting regular food safety audits on the practices, processes, equipment and people involved in food storage, preparation and service.

Interactive Operations Manual

A highly engaging operations manual is critically important to training your staff and ensuring that they understand all of the processes, procedures and best practices required to do their job correctly.

Video Recipe Library

Don’t leave it to chance that one of your staff may start getting complacent or creative created with their interpretation of your dishes – consistency always matters!

Use on-platform video to teach not only how to prepare each dish, but also explain why the method is so important and how the reasons for doing it your way every time.

Secret Shopper Surveys

Audit the effectiveness of your front-line restaurant staff with secret shopper surveys. These can then be used as an effective coaching tool for franchisees, managers and all front-of-house staff.

Internal Discussion Forums

Foster a culture of organic, staff driven leadership by giving your natural leaders a voice. Op Central’s discussion forums provide your staff with a platform to voice any questions, concerns, issues or suggestions in a collaborative environment.

How Op Central helps SpudBar

At SpudBar’s 30 locations it’s all about filling up with delicious goodness, taking the healthier option without having to compromise on flavour and substance.

Formed in 2000 to honour the potato, SpudBar wanted to pay respect to the vegetable that has changed the planet. This underrated culinary delight is incredible. It’s healthy, nutritious, great value and the perfect complement to any meal.

The management team at SpudBar use the Op Central platform to manage business critical functions such as; staff performance reviews, workplace safety audits, policy and procedure sign-offs and staff training. Use of the Op Central system allows the business to remain very lean in it’s operational budgets; allowing the group to focus on growth and delivering an exceptional customer experience every day!

Interview with SpudBar General Manager, Kate Hopley.

How Op Central helps Fonda Mexican

Fonda Mexican offers a much celebrated casual dining experience via their 8 locations.

Their Founders (Tim and David) were not from the restaurant industry prior to Fonda, so they approached the business with a customer-first perspective, which has proven to be very successful.

Fonda began using Op Central in 2016 to train it’s 250+ staff in food safety, meal preparation, customer service, leadership and culture, and so much more.

In addition to formal training, Fonda’s “Cubo” portal (as they have named it) also facilitates a very high rate of staff engagement via it’s various communications, auditing and surveying functions.

Interview with Fonda Mexican founder, Tim McDonald.

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Feature Highlights

SOP Software designed to make your business run more consistently across all of your locations

Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures

Create, manage and share your standard operating polices, procedures and best practices.

Any Device. Any Time.

Any Device. Any Time.

All content is accessible 24/7 to your team using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or via a mobile device.

Immersive Branding

Immersive Branding

From login, through training, policy management and execution your staff will see only your branding at all times.

Version Control

Version Control

Whenever a policy or procedure is updated, it is allocated a new version number and a record is kept of the time and user that made the update.

Compliance Reporting

Compliance Reporting

Keep a finger on the pulse to ensure that all of your team at all locations are compliant with policy sign-offs and ongoing activities.

Interactive News Feed

Interactive News Feed

A centralized news and communications hub, perfect for keeping everyone up to date and aligned with your company goals.



For any policy, users (or groups) marked as mandatory will be notified of any updates and required to confirm they’ve read and understood the update.

Video Training

Video Training

Add instructional videos to your training program to ensure that your team thoroughly understands your expectations.

Enterprise Security Features

Enterprise Security Features

Restrict access only to approved IP addresses, auto-logout when users are idle, industry leading data encryption and much more.