Icons Reference

An overview of Jumpstart’s awesome selection
of icons.

Active-call Active Call
Add-music Add Music
Add-user Add User
Address-card Address Card
Adjust Adjust
Adress-book#1 Adress Book#1
Adress-book#2 Adress Book#2
Air-ballon Air Ballon
Air-conditioning Air Conditioning
Airplay Airplay
Airplay-video Airplay Video
Airpods Airpods
Alarm-clock Alarm Clock
Align-auto Align Auto
Align-center Align Center
Align-justify Align Justify
Align-left Align Left
Align-right Align Right
Anchor-center Anchor Center
Anchor-center-down Anchor Center Down
Anchor-center-up Anchor Center Up
Anchor-left Anchor Left
Anchor-left-down Anchor Left Down
Anchor-left-up Anchor Left Up
Anchor-right Anchor Right
Anchor-right-down Anchor Right Down
Anchor-right-up Anchor Right Up
Android Android
Angle Grinder Angle Grinder
Angle-double-down Angle Double Down
Angle-double-left Angle Double Left
Angle-double-right Angle Double Right
Angle-double-up Angle Double Up
Angle-down Angle Down
Angle-left Angle Left
Angle-right Angle Right
Apple icon Apple Icon
Apple-Watch Apple Watch
Archive Archive
Armchair Armchair
Arrow-down Arrow Down
Arrow-from-bottom Arrow From Bottom
Arrow-from-left Arrow From Left
Arrow-from-right Arrow From Right
Arrow-from-top Arrow From Top
Arrow-left Arrow Left
Arrow-right Arrow Right
Arrow-to-bottom Arrow To Bottom
Arrow-to-left Arrow To Left
Arrow-to-right Arrow To Right
Arrow-to-up Arrow To Up
Arrow-up Arrow Up
Arrows Arrows
Arrows-h Arrows H
Arrows-v Arrows V
Article Article
Attachment#1 Attachment#1
Attachment#2 Attachment#2