Op Central Add-on Modules

Your Op Central instance is tailored to suit your needs, with configurable add-on options - and many external integrations - available.


A complete enterprise grade Learning Management System to deliver structured training programs. Complete with SCORM elearning player, written assessments, manager sign-offs, detailed reporting and much more, Op Central is fast becoming the LMS of choice for franchise and multi-location groups that are serious about their training. Highlights include;

  • SCORM elearning player
  • Manager sign-offs
  • Detailed drill-down completion and results reporting
  • RTO certified learning program delivery
  • Manager observation assessments

Discussion Forums

An open environment where your people can speak with one another, collaborate, share ideas and solve problems together.

  • Maintain visibility over internal discussions
  • Builds team unity across multiple locations
  • Create private forums for selected users or locations

Discussion forums often help to keep people engaged at all levels of the business and foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork.


Keep a finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your business with this powerful surveying and auditing toolkit.

Using a combination of weighted questions in various formats, empower your field operatives to thoroughly review and report upon the operational, retail, safety and/or compliance related performance of each workplace.

Staff Performance Reviews

Empower managers at all levels of the business to provide valuable feedback to their staff with an enterprise grade performance reviews tool kit. Optionally integrate with your existing HR or payroll management system.

Weighted questions and detailed reporting ensure that your managers have visibility on who is performing well and who may need additional training or support.


Create survey templates with weighted questions using a wide range of configurable workflows which include;

  • Staff engagement
  • Secret shopper surveys
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Supplier/partner feedback
  • Many more

Combining this reporting data will help to paint a very clear picture of how each location or region is performing against target benchmarks.


Give your local operators a centralised recruiting solution where they can post their available jobs vacancies. Highlights include;

  • Candidate screening tools
  • Multi-stage screening and hiring pipeline process
  • Automate communication with candidates using template emails
  • Collaborate internally on candidate suitability

Internal Support Ticketing

Giving your growing network of locations the support they need should not break your bank or require lots of support resources. Op Central’s built-in support desk allows you to create ticket types, and auto-assign new tickets to the correct agent or personnel to resolve. This doubles as a great ‘paper trail’ for succession proofing your team for the future.

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