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A well-formed recruitment process is paramount to business success. Finding the right person for the job is not always an easy thing, however, success generally comes down to the hiring process. It can be time consuming, and if the wrong decision is made, it can even have negative monetary repercussions.

Companies and businesses that are most successful in hiring, have processes that attract high-quality candidates, as they evaluate them in several key areas.

Here are some tips to help build and improve a bullet-proof hiring process.

Write clear and concise job descriptions. Detailed and comprehensive job advertisements help encourage quality candidates to apply. This is the area where many companies miss the point, and often write long details descriptions with convoluted lists of responsibilities and requirements. This can in-turn alienate qualified applicants and deter them from applying for a job.

Embracing digital mediums and social media. Most people want to work for companies that keep up with technology, and the latest tech trends. Working for a digitally enabled organization is a lot more inspiring and gives potential candidates the impression that they will have access to the latest technology. Ensuring that your career site is mobile-friendly will encourage more people to apply.

Using an application or utilizing software such as SOP software, or standard operating procedure software with an add-on which allows you to post job ads, and interview potential candidates is a clear way to embrace technology in your recruitment process.

Soft skills. Ensuring that a candidate has the right skill set is only part of the recruitment process. Having the right social skills and knowledge for a job is often just as important as job specific skills. Interpersonal skills, communication skills and emotional intelligence all matter.

Social media profiles. Background checks are important, including a Google search on the candidate’s name to see what comes up about them online. This is often a key way to find out more about the candidate as a person.

The interview process. The interview process is key to finding the right candidate. Ensure the correct questions are asked, often hiring consultants are too pressed for time, or lack confidence in their interviewing skills. The right people should be holding interviews are ensure they know everything about the position that they are interviewing for.

Monitor online reviews. More than half of people look up reviews about a company before they go to an interview. They read company reviews, employment reviews and would not even apply if they found a job with a company that has a bad reputation.


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