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Hiring the right employee can be an arduous task and can either bring great value to your business, or cause a range of issues. There are certain key points that can help assist you in hiring the right employee though your interviewing and screening process.

Career commitment. Someone who is committed to their career and progression is the type of candidate that can add the most value. Checking a candidate’s tenure length at their previous job is a must- the longer the better. This shows commitment to a business and self-development.

A good fit. It is wise to screen a candidate for their suitability to fitting in with your current work culture. Social skills and interests are key to figuring out if they will work well with current employees. Asking how they get on with current bosses and clients is a good way to judge compatibility skills. Another way to gauge this is by analyzing social media profiles and online presence. A google search or look at their previous work can help ascertain this.

Improving your hiring process. Take time to find the right person, by ensuring that there is a thorough screening process and job descriptions are well formulated . Job descriptions should be succinct and contain relevant information that is to the point and clear.

Educational and analytical skills. Assessing learning and analytical skills of a candidate is important, however, it can be tricky to gauge. Evaluating a candidate on their resume and confidence isn’t always the best indicator of this. A resume also is not always truthful, some can even be completely fabricated.


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