The importance of self-directed learning in the workplace

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Allowing employees to engage in self-directed learning – the choice of what they want to learn and up-skill themselves on, provides for a feeling of autonomy. It also assists the organization to accomplish their goals as employees will be more informed and constantly learning new skills.

Self-directed learning allows for employees to have a say in their own development and education. An organization can therefore trust that their workers will be innovative, loyal and productive.

With Self-directed learning (SDL), individuals take initiative and responsibility for what occurs. They can select, manage and assess their own learning. For an individual SDL involves setting personal goals and challenges relating to their current working situation.

The individual is allowed to direct themselves, and choose why it is important to up-skill in a certain area. This in turn is not only a personal improvement, but has an organizational benefit as an employee might learn to take on extra roles or learn other more important skills.

How is self-directed learning facilitated or initiated? Self-directed learning can take years to instill in employees without a valid method of rolling out this type of avenue of learning.

Online portals and materials are one method that are often utilized by businesses. Employee direction and contribution are also key factors to build on.

Creating a culture of self-direction is key to contribution and learning. This can be done with SOP software or Standard Operating Procedure software. As an element of SOP softwareself-learning portals are included as well as initial induction training.

Further to induction training, companies often choose to complement this with additional features and learning options. Sometimes these may be related to employees’ nominal role, or accredited training courses.

Allowing SDL through SOP software is one way to make employees feel valued by a business, in turn providing for better performance and overall organizational success.


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