Improving Job Satisfaction Among Staff

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Keeping employees satisfied is key to staff retention and business success. Job satisfaction is especially important in difficult economic times.

Studies show that people that are dissatisfied with employment seek union advice rather than quitting. This is due to increasing levels of unemployment, and more limited job opportunities. This has also led to less satisfied employees, staying in jobs and doing the bare minimum to get by.

Here are some factors that can help positively improve your work environment without a pay increase.

Opportunities for progression 

Giving employees the opportunity to grow their knowledge base and develop their skills gives motivation to perform better. It also provides staff with motivation and drive to excel in their current role.

Reward and recognition
Recognition of a job well done is a powerful tool – it builds morale and motivation. Small celebrations marking a milestone like a team lunch, celebrating a birthday or a new product release are great ways to get groups of employees involved and engaged.

Consistent core values
Values need to be adhered to, even when times are tough. They should not diminish during difficult times or times of stress. Employees begin to appreciate values more when they see them adhered to, as opposed to what happens in other companies that don’t manage difficult economic situations the same way.

Long term focus
Having long-term objectives is a good thing to get people to work towards. It keeps people involved and has in impact on morale. If there’s going to be difficult times, it’s important to remind employees that they’re working towards something great, and there’s going to be a bright future ahead.

Communication and involvement
Management tend to communicate less with staff during difficult times, when in fact they should be relaying more information, more frequently. If staff are informed, they are generally more satisfied with being involved in processes rather than ignored.

Evaluate job satisfaction
Communicate with employees and hear what they want and need. This type of evaluation involves monitoring satisfaction through a yearly job satisfaction survey as well as complimentary efforts throughout the year. Training programs and gaining feedback weekly through meetings is another way to gauge job satisfaction.


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