5 tips to Increase Small Business Efficiency

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Small business owners often need to be super-efficient with their time, as the more time efficient, the more profitable their work will be. Also, efficiency can lead to a better work/life balance for small business owners.

Here are some tips to help achieve maximum productivity in everything your small business does.

Systemize processes. Automatic scheduling, creating templates, scheduling social media updates, setting auto-responders are all ways that you can cut down on wasting time or interrupting daily routines. If something involves a lot of manual entry or work- find a way to automate it or streamline the process.

Don’t take on too much, or try to complete tasks that can be done cheaply or quickly by others. Delegating work to other employees, freelancers or a specialist organization can help you become more time efficient and increase capacity in other areas.

Utilize technology to its fullest potential, it’s there to make our lives easier and help us to keep up to date while on the go. Bookkeeping and using online HR management systems can help take the hassle out of manual processes and reduce the time you spend on tasks.

Target your marketing. To make marketing more efficient, focus efforts towards a targeted audience or people who are most likely to consume your product. Identifying most profitable markets can allow you to tailor marketing and advertising material towards these markets.

Know your financial position, which includes knowing what a smart investment is, and what is over capitalizing. Be strategic about your resources and spending. Know your current situation, and where you want to be financially in the future.


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