Ways to Improve your Online Induction Training

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When companies hire new employees or new teams of people, induction is the period when most employees are lost. 25% leave during the first week of training and nearly 50% by the three month time frame.

This is in part due to a poor induction process.

Before induction commences, it’s important that company values, standard operating procedure and HR policies are all up to date.

The easiest way to manage all of this is through standard operating procedure software (SOPs). This software allows you to manage and add new policies or learning modules at any time.

Here are a few tips that should be considered when digitizing induction training, or writing up a process:

Use visuals

Text-heavy learning can be cumbersome and boring. People tend to learn better from processing visuals such as photos, videos, diagrams and colours.


Metaphors and short stories provide a connection to information that allow people to remember numbers or sequences.

Participative learning

Ensure the training process always has a relevant assessment module which asks questions and allows for responses, rather than just providing learning content. A test and assessment is key to induction training, allowing employees to check their knowledge and practice their new skills. It also allows for management to gauge how well different employees have absorbed the training material.

Standardize training

Induction training must be standard and coherent across different sites (If your business consists of multiple sites). This will allow for ease of transfer of staff and the management of staff from different locations.


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