Top Tips for Restaurant Owners

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Running a restaurantcan be a tiring and tedious task, however, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your restaurant.


This is where a lot of  restaurants lose a lot of potential business. Open a website as the internet is now where most people now go to look for food. Include an electronic booking system. People love using them, and they’re a really handy way of managing bookings.


Include a “Menu” page on your website, rather than just adding an image or PDF file. If it’s text based and/or interactive through flash, the text will help with visibility on Google.

Online ordering

A lot of restaurants are now doing business through online delivery websites. Whether or not your restaurant offers takeout or delivery services, you can still list your restaurant on these websites, and they’ll include your menu too. It’s good for visibility and internet presence.

Relationships with suppliers

Establish a relationship with an online supplier of restaurant equipment and also supplies. Having a business relationship with one of these companies allows for ease of ordering when you run out of stock or equipment.

Listen to customers

Engage in meaningful discussions with customers online through websites, forums and social media. Respond to their questions and feedback. It’s incredibly important to listen to what the customer is saying and what they want. Facebook and Twitter are great places to engage in conversation, however, Pinterest is a really useful place for restaurants to have a presence. People take photos of their food and post them online and then cross publish with Facebook and Twitter.


Most unpleasant restaurant experiences don’t come from bad food, but from customer service. There are several ways to keep customers satisfied and ensure positive customer experience. Hire good staff, train them well and check references to ensure they have a proven record. Pay them well, pay above minimum wage and staff will be more than willing to pull their weight. Ensure that your staff are communicating with people correctly according to their demographic. Dress them appropriately and train them about how to communicate with customers.


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