How to increase business value through HR communication

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Human resource (HR) management often faces great challenges with keeping employees satisfied and engaged in their work.

A main tactic built upon by several businesses focuses on creating a culture that places great importance on trust, open communication and fairness executed and demonstrated by leaders and managers.

Managing HR policy can be difficult as many companies don’t know what to share, how often to share and what channels are most effective. Here are some tips that can help solve these issues and provide strategies to best increase the value of HR communications.

HR executives need to pay close attention to how they’re communicating to employees. As much as they enjoy benefits and initiatives, good employees should be focused on getting their job done.

Bombarding them with new information can become annoying and repetitive.

Making use of corporate communications are more effective than in-person meetings, as they take up less time, and are optional for employees to engage with.

Studies show that people feel positively about technology, and that it allows for more meaningful connections across distance and time. How do you monitor this?

Reviewing response rates and surveying employees are two of the main was that this information can be gathered. Portals where employees can self-serve are the best ways to undertake this. A lot of SOP software and standard operating procedure manuals contain these methods and information.

A main point is to ensure that employees have a two way channel for communication, so that they can easily ask questions of their HRrepresentatives.

Information should be meaningful and to the point. Rather than bombarding employees with useless updates and information, topics should be carefully chosen and rolled out accordingly.

Ongoing and regular communication with employees is key to keeping them informed about work that HR is doing for their benefit.

As a better, clearer and more productive workplace is created, it is key to ensure that these achievements are being promoted to create a feeling of enterprise-wide connectivity.


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