Why learning and development strategy is critical

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Learning and development (L&D) strategy and technology are not always the main focus of business leadership, and can sometimes be left behind. This leaves companies with a clear gap in company policy and procedure as HR leadership may focus on recruitment and retention.

Today, people are increasingly apprehensive to tackle skill development as workplaces change so rapidly. However, implementing a strategy to help achieve this goal can significantly increase success in these areas.

It is indicated that employees may have a negative view on their future when there is a constant shifting of a role, developing them to learn new skills quickly. This highlights a pivotal role that Learning and Development – L&D plays when cultivating employee satisfaction and engagement.

Therefore, HR and business strategy should utilize innovative tools that assist in increasing employee knowledge and skill. The main trends in L&D technology that assist business leadership in supporting employee learning objectives are as follows.

Vesting power in employees with self-directed learning is a very valuable strategy to follow. Self-directed employee learning allows employees to take initiative to learn according to their own personal goals, and inspires better engagement and increased productivity.

Utilizing SOP software or add-ons to facilitate employee self-learning is the most efficient way to roll out training and updates in unison with multiple sites.

This type of software allows employees to engage in compulsory learning and development L&D, as well as take optional additional learning courses. It also allows employees to share thoughts and knowledge with others.

The use of real-time performance feedback tools also allow for additional insight into employee satisfaction. Knowledge sharing and online performance reviews allow for a new approach to flexibility and agility.

Business leadership and HR professionals need to understand that for many employees, sufficient access to Learning and development L&D technology, especially though online portals in Standard Operating Procedure (SOPsoftware allows for professional development and engagement.

By exploring these engaging and innovative technologies, employers can cultivate a workforce that’s ready to tackle and meet changing business demands.


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